February 15, 2017

Tuesday, Feburary 21, 2017

From: Bart Barlow

Blue Mountain Singletrack Trails Club

Hiked the Echo trails yesterday. They are muddy, a little snowy and still have some frost.

Considerable erosion in areas of 5% slope and greater (where no trail drainage provided). Some mtn bike wheel ruts "YUK".

If you mtn bike these trails at this time, your bike will be muddy and wheel ruts will occur.

Not great weather forecast through Sunday--need warm day and night temps and no more rain. Trails may not be suitable for mtn biking until next week.

Friday, Feburary 24, 2017

From: Bart Barlow
Blue Mountain Singletrack Trails Club

Gravity and sunshine have allowed Echo Trails to drain and dry out the past two days--tomorrow, Saturday should be ok for mtn biking and jogging.

If you encounter muddy sections on the trail, it would be proper to dismount and carry through or walk around.

Based on the hourly weather forecast, riding before 9:00 AM (frozen) or after 1:00 PM looks best.

Who's ready for riding weather?!?

We will be updating this page with new trail conditions, photos and local forecasts every few days, so please keep checking back.